Culture in OHS

The FCS 168 specification developed by AFAM, presents a model aligned with the SL annex to international standards and focuses on improving the culture in occupational safety and health in organizations. After 15 years of experience in cultural formation programs, in more than 150 plants in 11 countries, AFAM decides to base all its knowledge in a guide that guides organizations to establish a successful implementation process.

Our experience attests to an average reduction in accident levels above 60% in the first years, in addition to improved motivation proven and recognized by climate surveys, greater confidence in the organization, improvement in the relationship between hierarchical levels, reduction in accident costs, among other benefits.

Diagnosis of Culture in OHS

  • Diagnosis to measure the level of maturity.

Consultancies of Culture in OHS

  • Consultancy for implementation of the requirements; 

  • Coaching for development of occupational safety teams - high performance teams.

Diagnóstico em Cultura de SSO

Training of Culture in OHS

  • Interpretation of the requirements of the FCS 168 - from theory to practical;

  • Risk perception for occupational safety and health;

  • Reporting and investigation of occupational accidents and incidents;

  • Training of observers for occupational safety;

  • Leading safely;

  • Workshop to C Levels.

Especificação para formação de cultura de segurança FSC 168

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